Sermons by Jeff Anders

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The Preaching at Pentecost, Part 9


There are many examples in the Bible where people were “pricked” in their heart. In the previous message, Bro. Jeff explained what exactly that means. Here, we learn more about the source of the pricking and five catalysts used to bring it about.

The Preaching At Pentecost, Part 5


“Every time life comes out of the womb, it ought to remind us of the life that came out of the tomb.” Here we learn more about the nature and necessity of Christ’s resurrection, as well as the evidence that proves it.

The Preaching At Pentecost, Part 2


What does the Bible say about the gift of speaking in tongues? Bro. Jeff helps us better understand this supernatural ability to speak in different languages that was demonstrated at Pentecost and how knowledge of spiritual gifts affects our spiritual maturity today.