Sermons by Jeff Anders

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Gifts For The Guys, Part 1


The full power and authority to heal is demonstrated by Christ in the gift He gave to an unlikely recipient. Learn from this message how God can do a deep down work in your life too.

A Homily About Hypocrisy, Part 7


One can speculate if the Jewish leaders would have reacted differently to the warning Jesus gave them had they been able to see 40 years in the future. Bro. Jeff helps us better understand the prediction Jesus gave regarding the desolation of the Jewish people; learn more here.

Gifts For the Ladies, Part 2


The woman in today’s account received THE greatest gift that anyone can receive, the greatest gift that anyone can give. Find out what that is. Have you received that gift?

Gifts For the Ladies, Part 1


Imagine the joy experienced by a mother getting the gift of her son’s life back! Are you feeling down, void, empty…needing hope? Learn about the great compassion and care of Jesus as Bro. Jeff relates the account of a hopeless widow who had lost her only son.

A Homily About Hypocrisy, Part 6


The Jewish leaders claimed that, had they lived in Old Testament days, they would not have rejected the Lord’s prophets. Yet, they were rejecting the Lord himself. Learn more as Bro. Jeff describes the hypocrisy of the Pharisee’s patriotism and explains the damnation warned by Jesus.

A Homily About Hypocrisy, Part 5


In this message, Bro. Jeff challenges us with two “woes” in which Jesus contrasted the outer and the inner, appearances vs. the heart and soul. “When you look at yourself on the inside, what do you look like?”