Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6

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Welcome Home, Part 59

Do you have the gift?  Are you following the command?  Is it priority?  Find out if you are an encourager as Bro. Jeff points out several examples in Scripture that motivate us to inspire others to live for God.

Welcome Home, Part 57

As we come full circle in our study of Paul’s first missionary journey, Bro. Jeff helps us pause and reflect on Paul’s example and how it applies to our own lives.  How courageous are we (and what does that really mean)?  How committed are we to the fellowship of believers?  Are we really consecrated as followers of Christ?  

Welcome Home, Part 23

Here, Bro. Jeff only touches the surface of some revelations about Israel’s finest king.  God’s purposes for this famous Biblical character are the same purposes He has for us.  God can use you; it’s not about our perfection, but our diligence and direction.  Won’t you seek His heart and His will for your life?  

The Life of Faith, Part 17

The story of Zephthah reveals the corruption and worldliness of the Israelites.  Despite his imperfection, Zephthah listened to the Spirit of God and stepped out in faith; God used him to defeat the enemy.  If God can use somebody like Zephthah, He can use you if you too will listen to Him and step out by faith!  


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