Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6

Sermons by Chris Guffey

Consider Our Days

“God is really, really big, and man is really, really small. God’s judgments are always right and just, and man is under His great authority.” Out of those two thoughts, Moses’ petition is a warning for the lost and a challenge of deeper reflection for believers of what God has for us to do. We hope you enjoy Bro. Chris’s conclusion of the week’s messages.

Dealing with Long Lost Battles

“Many times along the way, you’ve made mistakes. You’ve done things you wish you could have done differently, and you’ve lost little battles along the way. Sometimes I think in our minds, we want to put those battles away and pretend that they never happened. And the reality is…that’s not helpful.” Listen as Bro. Chris explains how Abraham’s example gives us insight into God’s plan to help us gain victory from those mistakes.

The Problem of Pain

Have you gone through an extremely painful experience in your life? Grab a hanky and be encouraged as Bro. Chris relates the painful experience of the widow at Nain and candidly shares the pain he and his wife Kellie.


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