Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6

Sermons from August 2013

Advice for an Advancing Church, Part 7

When a fire is burning, our tendency is to try to keep it under control. The Holy Spirit is often compared to fire in the scriptures. We have the same tendency to try to keep the fire of the Holy Spirit within our comfortable boundaries. Listen as Bro. Jeff explains the first two of 10 areas where we should never quench the Holy Spirit.

Advice for an Advancing Church, Part 5

“When you have the joy of the Lord, it doesn’t leave you when your money does, it doesn’t grow old when your clothes and car do, doesn’t get sick when your body does, it doesn’t run away when people around you do, it doesn’t fail when others do.” Do you have that joy? Listen as Bro. Jeff shares practical advice on finding that joy that doesn’t depend on circumstances.


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