Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6

Sermons from January 2014

A Tale of Two Men, Part 1

Bro. Jeff shares how one man in the Bible was faithful to use his gifts and talents for the glory of God. Find out how it applies to your life and be sure to tune in to the follow-up message about another man’s example.

The New You, Part 4

People see our attitude and actions. God wants those attitudes and actions to demonstrate to others our position, progression, and partnership in Christ. Listen as Bro. Jeff describes more “spiritual clothing” we should put on to reveal Christ o others.

The New You, Part 3

One of the first things people often notice when they meet someone is what the person is wearing. How we dress can reveal a lot about who we are as a person. For instance, when a person becomes a policeman, he dons a uniform to reveal to others who he is. What would you “put on” if you wanted everyone to know that you were a “new you” in Christ? Listen as Bro. Jeff explains.

The New You, Part 2

Bro. Jeff previously shared what it takes to become a “new you.” Listen to tonight’s continuation and learn about the progression and ultimate goal God has in mind for us after we’ve been made new.

The Sight of God, Part 17

Previously, Bro. Jeff described God’s desire for His people to comfort one another. How do we do that? What are the sources of our ability to help others move forward in our Christian walk? Find practical advice by listening here.

The Sight of God, Part 16

The scriptures indicate that caring for one another is important to God. There is connection, consideration, and confidence; listen as Bro. Jeff shares a fourth area, which is comfort, in his series of messages on Christian care.


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