Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6

Sermons from February 2014

The New You, Part 11

Sometimes we question our purpose in life. For the Christian, our purpose has been defined by God and has eternal significance. Listen as Bro. Jeff describes the purpose of the “new you.”

The New You, Part 10

Previously, Bro. Jeff shared the position we should take under those who have authority over us. Listen here as he explains the attitude Christians should take with respect to those under our authority.

The New You, Part 9

Do you dread going to work every day? Has your employment become more like drudgery? Be encouraged by Bro. Jeff’s message on the actions and attitudes that give Christians a higher purpose for their daily employment.

The New You, Part 7

Ladies, this sermon reflects Paul’s advice to the Colossians regarding the woman’s role in marriage. God’s design for peace in our lives and marriage isn’t what the devil has been promoting in our society. Listen to find out more.

The New You, Part 6

God has richly blessed our nation, to the point that Americans are often focused on seeking prosperity. That mindset has even made its way into some religious teaching of today. Listen as Bro. Jeff explains what we have when we are truly prosperous.


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