Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6

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God in the Garden 11

After they sinned, God explained the consequences of Adam and Eve’s choice. Previously, Bro. Jeff explained the consequences on the woman and her role in motherhood. Here, pastor focuses on the woman’s role as a wive, specifically, God’s divine order of authority and the position of submission that came with Eve’s disobedience.

Lessons On Love, Part 2

Our problems with love began with the defilement that occurred in the Garden of Eden; we are messed up by sin.  Thankfully, God sent the perfect demonstration of love in His Son.  Bro. Jeff explains that when we are saved and receive Him in our hearts, we can love with a pure love as well.  Learn more here.

Helps For The Hebrews, Part 5

If you want your marriage to be the best, most fulfilling it can be, then this is the message for you. Despite what the culture would like us to believe, God’s way is best, and Bro. Jeff provides very Biblical and specific advice to husbands, wives, and the Church on what a God-honoring marriage is.


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