Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6

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The Greatness of Christ, Part 1

It is human nature to want to be great. We want to win. We like to be associated with those who are considered great. Even though this desire for greatness is encouraged in our society, Bro. Jeff points out the problem that it really is. Here, we are inspired to adjust our priorities and focus on the radiance of Christ.

Philemon: The Fellowship of the Forgiven, Part 12

What a powerful and encouraging message on spiritual growth and forgiveness!  As Bro. Jeff examines Paul’s friend John Mark, we gain insightful and practical advice on how to break free from the chains of hurt, bitterness, and unforgiveness.  We hope you are as blessed as we were by this sermon! 

The Life of Faith, Part 17

The story of Zephthah reveals the corruption and worldliness of the Israelites.  Despite his imperfection, Zephthah listened to the Spirit of God and stepped out in faith; God used him to defeat the enemy.  If God can use somebody like Zephthah, He can use you if you too will listen to Him and step out by faith!  


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