Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6

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The Latter Times 8

Because God wants to make us examples of love, faithfulness, and purity, we are once again challenged with the question, “If everyone followed my example, what kind of church would we be?” Bro. Jeff inspires us to do serious self-examination and surrender to God’s will for our lives.

Welcome Home, Part 8

Not only did we enjoy learning more about the recommendation to the first missionary journey, but we were also extremely blessed to hear Bro. Jeff’s personal testimony.  We hope you are blessed as well as you learn more about the praying, placing, and parting involved in the sending by the early church. 

The Mind of Christ, Part 4

What an amazing act of love Jesus Christ did!  While keeping his deity, entirely and perfectly, He lowered himself to the role of being totally human.  Even more awe-inspiring is the completely selfless and humble attitude He exampled for us in his humanity…that of a servant, a slave.  Bro. Jeff encourages us to seek to be more selfless like our Savior. 

The Mind of Christ, Part 3

“When Jesus thought about who He was, as equal with the Father, He didn’t think about what that would benefit Him.  He thought in terms of what He needed to do to save us.  Paul taught that you and I need to have that same kind of mind, one more concerned about others than what would benefit ourselves.”  Here, Bro. Jeff focuses on the selfless attitude of Christ.  


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