Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6

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The Last Days 5

As he continues with this series, Bro. Jeff reminds us of how influenced we are by the culture around us – influenced to the point that we don’t recognize our sins or realize how offensive they are to the righteous, holy God.  Tonight, Bro. Jeff focuses on “trucebreakers” and “false accusers.”  How well do you see things from God’s perspective?

The Last Days 3

Tonight, Bro. Jeff continues to share Paul’s insight to Timothy on the selfishness that will be characteristic of people in the last days.  Previously, we examined covetousness, boasting, and pride.  Here, we delve into what the scriptures say about blasphemy, disobedience to parents, and ingratitude and are encouraged by pastor to keep standing on God’s Word.

Jesus on Judging

Moral or ethical criticism often invokes this oft quoted scripture, “Judge not!” in defense. It is sometimes taken out of context. Bro. Jeff explain the context which prompted Jesus’ words and challenges us all to examine ourselves with regard to judging others.


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