Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6

"Anticipation" Tagged Sermons

Harvest Time Theology 7

What keeps God’s people focused and motivated?  We have God’s love which comes with an eternal hope!  Bro. Jeff encourages us to endure in times of trial, in periods of persecution, and in days of discipline.

Revelations From the Resurrection, Part 7

Another sermon blessing today!  Bro. Jeff focuses on the Holy Spirit and the Bible’s revelations about this person of the triune God; the arrival, accounts, anticipation, and activity of the Holy Spirit.  How is the Spirit working?  Has the Holy Spirit worked in your life?

Anticipating the Assembly, Part 2

On July 4 we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day and the liberties we’ve enjoyed.  No freedom compares to that enjoyed by the redeemed, including the freedom to worship.  Bro. Jeff continues his list of reasons we should anticipate the assembling to worship; join us here as we enjoy food, fellowship, and exalting our Founder. Hebrews…


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