Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6

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Revelations From the Resurrection, Part 10

Believers can’t be starved and filled simultaneously.  In this powerful and thought-provoking message, Bro. Jeff stresses the two most important aspects of our lives and encourages us to practice starving that which is preventing us from being filled with the Holy Spirit and God’s power in our lives. 

Revelations From the Resurrection, Part 7

Another sermon blessing today!  Bro. Jeff focuses on the Holy Spirit and the Bible’s revelations about this person of the triune God; the arrival, accounts, anticipation, and activity of the Holy Spirit.  How is the Spirit working?  Has the Holy Spirit worked in your life?

Grieve Not The Holy Spirit of God, Part 9

If we want to live a life that doesn’t grieve the Holy Spirit, then we must be fully abandoned to God. Do you get frustrated when people don’t seem to listen to you? Imagine how the Holy Spirit feels when we don’t listen to Him. In this thought-provoking message, Bro. Jeff begins detailing specific areas of surrender for Christians, the first of which is surrender to the voice of the Spirit.


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