Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6

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The Last Days 6

This time of year many people make resolutions which typically involve gaining control of some area of their lives. In this timely and practical message, Bro. Jeff gives a very thorough, Biblical explanation of many areas where we lack self-control, the consequences of our lack of self-discipline, and the hope we have in our Helper.

Revelations From the Resurrection, Part 9

Believer, are you cooperating with the Holy Spirit?  Or does God have to take you to the wood shed?  Using this tongue-in-cheek analogy, Bro. Jeff delivers an uplifting and encouraging message about God’s work to help us look more like Jesus. 

The Mind of Christ, Part 3

“When Jesus thought about who He was, as equal with the Father, He didn’t think about what that would benefit Him.  He thought in terms of what He needed to do to save us.  Paul taught that you and I need to have that same kind of mind, one more concerned about others than what would benefit ourselves.”  Here, Bro. Jeff focuses on the selfless attitude of Christ.  

Philemon: The Fellowship of the Forgiven, Part 12

What a powerful and encouraging message on spiritual growth and forgiveness!  As Bro. Jeff examines Paul’s friend John Mark, we gain insightful and practical advice on how to break free from the chains of hurt, bitterness, and unforgiveness.  We hope you are as blessed as we were by this sermon! 


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