Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6

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Welcome Home, Part 59

Do you have the gift?  Are you following the command?  Is it priority?  Find out if you are an encourager as Bro. Jeff points out several examples in Scripture that motivate us to inspire others to live for God.

The Resurrection Connection, Part 6

Bro. Jeff has been discussing the connections between Christian characteristics and the resurrection of Christ.  Here, we learn about the connection to our labor – the tasks to perform and seven secrets to service.  We are also challenged to ask ourselves, what is our life built upon?  

The Preaching at Pentecost, Part 19

When a little child doesn’t eat normally, it is cause for concern. Similarly, when children of God don’t have an appetite for the Word, it is a symptom of a spiritual problem. Bro. Jeff challenges us with the example of the early church and the priority they gave to hearing and learning God’s Word.


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