Blessed be the LORD ~Psalm 28:6

Sermons on Stewardship

Welcome Home, Part 17

As we continue learning about the first missionary journey, we find out that John Mark backed out.  Why did he do that?  Bible scholars have speculated, but the real application is in examining reasons believers give up today.  In this powerful message, Bro. Jeff goes through his “dangerous dozen” reasons why Christians drop out of their Christian service.  

Welcome Home, Part 5

Focusing on the area of ministry, Bro. Jeff makes practical application of some key characteristics of the early church.  Are you listening to God?  Looking for opportunities? Demonstrating “holy determination?” Using your abilities?  Taking action?  In what kind of ministry does God want you involved?

The Resurrection Connection, Part 6

Bro. Jeff has been discussing the connections between Christian characteristics and the resurrection of Christ.  Here, we learn about the connection to our labor – the tasks to perform and seven secrets to service.  We are also challenged to ask ourselves, what is our life built upon?  

The Progressive Church, Part 3

A church should always be growing in the Word, progressing towards fulfilling God’s plan for His people. In this series, Bro. Jeff explains the realms of progression, using the early church as example. What can we learn about ministry to travelers, widows, the sick and possessed, and those who are grieving? About stewardship? About missions? That is the focus of this message.


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